Tattoos Inspired By Fiction #5 – The Fault In Our Stars

Good evening readers, hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another week of tattoos inspired by fiction. This week I picked one of my all time favourite authors John Green, and since he has such a big fan base I know there’s a lot of people that have gone out to get ink based on his novels. The Fault In Our Stars is my favourite John Green book, and with so many quotables, I found these:

What do you think?

  • I’d love to have a tattoo based on a book <3 I know I won't ever get tired of it when it really means something. I love the second one, great font.

  • Kim says:

    If I ever got a tattoo, it’d have to be book based. These are all really interesting.

  • Love these posts of yours. It’s really delightful to see other fans of books to be so into the books they love that they get inked!

    Style Reader

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