To kill a mocking bird is a novel written by Harper Lee in 1960. In that time, it was the most famous novel and was translated into 40 different languages and also more than 30 million copies were sold worldwide. This novel had received Pulitzer prize in 1961 that stands for racism, prejudice, and humanity. This novel has a lot of characters, and each of them stands for human behavior. Even it speaks the condition of rich and poor in society.

Coming to the title justification “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” the title itself says the mocking bird. Do you know what is mocking bird? Mocking bird is a symbol used in myth. The bird sings to please others and make others happy with their song. This bird indirectly says that everything is good and harmless in this world. Hence they were considered as a joy giving creature, so it is a sin to kill that bird. It is an image or symbol used four times in the novel. The two characters who symbolize the quality of this bird are Tom Robinson and Boo Radley.

Characters create and make the novel. In that view, the main characters were Scout who narrates the story. She was very friendly and emotional. She always has a curiosity about her life. She gains mature enough in the entire novel.  Jem, Scout’s elder brother. He is smart, compassionate, and typical at some times. He gains maturity as the book develops. Atticus Finch, father of Scout and Jem. He was a lawyer, widower, good citizen, and soft-spoken. He is also an honest, brave, and highly respected man in their society. Next to them is Boo Radely, an adult man who was sentenced by his father to be in their house itself for the lifetime due to his misbehavior in his teenage. But naturally, he was harmless and well-being the man who is longing for love and affection. Then the character is Tom Robinson, a young, innocent, gentle, hardworking black man. He will be falsely caught for raping a white girl named Mayella Ewell. Next to them is Dill, a close friend of Jem and Scout. He tells a lot and a lot of big stories to them.

The novel is entirely divided into two parts. The part one is (chapter 1-11) which says the children play with Boo Radely to see him and the remaining chapters deals the white people game on a black people. This shows the racism in that society.

The first part of the novels deals with how the children were enjoyed during their school days. Dill always boosts Scout and Jem to see Boo Radely. Their father Atticus will find Their mischief. He teaches them to be kind to everyone and also insists on understanding the situation from their point of view. It means he teaches empathy towards them. As they were the kid, they were keen to see Boo as he was in the house entirely. Boo always saves Scout and Jem when they were in danger. Scout can feel the prevention of Boo. The second part deals the white lady, Mayella Ewell who made a black, Tom Robinson, to be accused. The whites were very rude towards the blacks. As Atticus comes to know that tom was innocent and helpless, he helped him. But the entire society neglected him and even their children. Scout fells a lot for their behavior, but Atticus comforts her by telling the right things. Atticus knows that Mayella was always beaten by his father Bob Ewell and said that she was hit in the right side, but Tom was a left-handed man. Though all the explanations were given by him, Tom was caught and put into prison. Bob Ewell treats Atticus in a lousy manner; he also wishes to take revenge towards him. Due to the guilt, Tom dies after some days his wife Helen was harassed.

Bob to take revenge, he tries to kill Scout and Jem. Jem got some injury, and Scout was prevented. Boo Radley saved them. On the next day, they came to know that Bob was dead by Heck Tate, the sheriff. Scout reveals all the truth to the Sherrif by relating all those events she came to know that Boo was saved. Scout then reminds of all her childish behavior and feels guilty for that. On that time she thinks Boo as a mocking bird. She also thinks that they received a lot of gift from Boo and returned nothing. The entire novel is revealed when she feels the past two years of her life how she turned to ‘stand in other’s shoes.’

Hence from my point of view, Atticus may be failed as a lawyer, but he won the heart of all the readers by teaching empathy and ethical behaviors for the children. The value of the book says how sin is racism in society. For me, the character of Boo reveals the Russian Saying “Kindness is a language which makes a deaf to hear and a blind to read.”  Entirely the novel is good to read and gives a positive message that everyone born in the world is to survive and not to be a slave. All men are equal in society. And also, the novel reveals the power and ability of the black community people.