Hi readers, I’m Melissa… my friends call me Mel and you can too. I started Book Nerd Reviews on April 24th 2011 as a way of keeping tabs on what I’ve read and my thoughts on each book, and it’s turned into something huge over the years.

A bit about me. So I am 30 years old, and I live in Geelong (near Melbourne), Australia.

For me, my love affair with books has been a life long one. I was always reading as a kid, and books were always around to comfort me. I remember having the chicken pox for 2 weeks when I was about 11 and reading book after book (Enid Blyton books and The Babysitters Club nonetheless!). And I remember having an obsession with Goosebumps books when I was 12. I read every single one R.L. Stein released. I would borrow them from my school library and read them in bed each night.

For me, the library has always been a place I can go for a bit of peace and solitude  My homelife as a child was a dysfunctional and chaotic, and so the library acted as an escape for me. I would spend a lot of lunchtimes at school (both primary and high school) getting swept up in books.

As an adult, well, it’s true that books have always remained a constant companion, but I’ve gone through phases in my life where my priorities have shifted and I didn’t read as much as other times. But I’ve always had a bookshelf, and my books have always meant something to me!

My passion for YA is what made me start Book Nerd Reviews, and three years later whilst I have a special place in my heart for YA, my reading preferences have changed a little towards comics and graphic novels. So these days, you’ll see my contribution to the blog skewed towards comics.